An everyday definition of Service.

While we'd rather have a conversation about you and your needs, we know that telling our story about how we got to where we are now, can help potential clients feel more comfortable in picking up the phone, or filling out the contact form. It's amazing to see just how many things we all have in common when you get to know the people in the story...

​Meet Matt...

​A brief history of how we got here...

  • ​Matt Moger is a preacher’s son born & raised in Ramseur, NC.
  • ​Matt has been a soccer player from birth. He grew up at a small Christian school & Lettered in Soccer, Basketball, Baseball & Golf.
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  • Matt has always had a passion for helping people & being involved in ministry. He has been on short-term mission trips to Mexico, Jamaica, Germany, Colombia, Brazil & the Dominican Republic. Most of those trips were with soccer teams.
  • After high school, Matt spent a year traveling on a singing ministry team that ran revival services at 30 different churches on the East Coast.
  • ​Matt went on to graduate from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC with a bachelors in Health & Fitness while notching 34 goals in his 46 game career.
  • ​The following year Matt continued his passion for soccer & people in his career choice. He became the JV Soccer coach at Wesleyan Academy in High Point & Soccer Coach & Trainer for Kinder Kixx.
  • ​​After college, Matt married his high school sweetheart, Ashley, & they have 2 beautiful little girls in elementary school.
  • ​Matt & Ashley started M5 Investments in 2010 & invest in real estate full time. They use their knowledge & passion for helping people in their business everyday.

We started M5 Homes with... see a need, fill a need.

In 2010, Matt purchased his first home with the intent to flip it for a profit. After learning multiple hard lessons involving contractors and buyers a few houses in, he noticed a very prominent need for residential rental real estate in the Winston-Salem and Forsyth country area. Entering the residential rental market seemed very scary at first, however, the needs were great and with Matt being service-minded, he looked for a solution.

  • ​There is a great need for affordable houses for sale that offered non-traditional financing to potential buyers. 
  • ​There is a great need for non-government assisted, low income rentals that were also good quality. 

But remember... I'm on a soccer coach's budget...

Investing in real estate and trying to be a part of the affordable housing solution is a challenge... especially when the funding comes from a career soccer coach.

It took 7 years of developing strategies, making offers and taking on one house at a time, while coaching soccer, to reach a point where this could become a sustainable model.

​Outside the box solutions

​During our 7 years of development, we created and refined solutions that would be a win-win for all parties involved in the sale of the home. ​Many of the families we have worked with felt stuck in their situation. They felt as if there was no one to ​help them ​because of the daunting task of repairing a home with limited resources, when they do not have time to wait on the local real estate market. Examples of just a few families we have helped are in the call-outs below: 

​Powers of attorney whose relative needed to sell his last remaining asset that was in  disrepair in order to receive medical assistance from the State.

​A single income teacher with a growing family who could not cover the payments on his vacant rental home & was facing foreclosure

A ​family looking to adopt twins from Peru and their rental home was coming back to them in disrepair with $10,000 + worth of work to be done in order to make it livable again.

​An elderly ​woman whose only family lived 800 miles away who was facing costly home repairs and health issues.

Always learning...

In 2017 M5 Investments embarked on a larger project; a mobile home park with 50 lots. Everything we have learned to this point has been applicable, and even with a host of knowledge in the industry, this project has still produced many twists and turns.

​M5 continues to focus on housing as a whole.

​We can help those who need a solution where traditional real estate techniques are difficult to apply. Serving the Triad area as a consultant to interesting real estate situations.